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farmtuckerTM is a directory of farmers and artisan producers throughout Australia who sell their fresh produce directly to consumers.

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Taralee Orchards in Wirrabara, South Australia

Taralee Orchards

Stone fruit, vegetables, beef & lamb

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Medway Farm at Berrima in New South Wales

Medway Farm

Beef and lamb

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Rayners Orchard in Woori Yallock, Victoria

Rayners Orchard

We have fresh fruit every day of the year!

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Caravan Egg Farm  at Dundonnell, Victoria

Caravan Eggs

True free range eggs

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Homebush Park Farm in Binalong, NSW

Homebush Park

Fresh cuts lamb

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Forage Farms at Kybong in the beautiful Mary Valley, Queensland

Forage Farms

Eggs, pork, veges, lamb & beef

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Tasmania Cherries Farm in Campania, Tasmania

Tasmania Cherries

Fresh Tasmanian cherries

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Canoelands Orchard in Canoelands NSW

Canoelands Orchard

Stone fruit, tomatoes & citrus

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