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Tasmania Cherries

We are a family-owned farm known as ‘Ferniehurst’ and pride ourselves on producing cherries with flavor as opposed to cherries grown for mass production by 'industrial growers'. Some fifteen years ago we discovered that our pristine land and climate conditions were perfect for growing cherries.

We are now well recognised around the markets and interstate for our wildly sweet and luscious fruit. We attend a number of local markets around Tasmania during the summer months and pride ourselves on having fresh cherries straight from the tree, picked on Thursdays and Fridays for the weekend markets.

Delicious fresh cherries: Dec - Jan

No seconds, thirds, rejects, no handling or sorting; just fresh, real fruit, straight from the tree into the pickers’ bins and to market. Due to our unique location our cherries are crisp and clean and can be eaten straight from the tree without having to be washed!

Produce Seasonal Availability
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