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About farmtuckerTM

farmtuckerTM is a proud supporter of Aussie Helpers who provide much needed support to farming families facing hardship.

farmtuckerTM was created to promote healthy eating habits and facilitate the availability of fresh healthy affordable food for everyone by connecting consumers with producers who are passionate about harvesting the best possible seasonal produce.

It aims to educate children about the origination of food and encourage the population as a whole to think more broadly about how food can be ethically and sustainably produced. In doing so, it allows producers to decommoditise and humanise their produce.

Whether producers are small or large, non-commercial or commercial, whether the farmgate is a regional farm, suburban home (micro producer) or a regular market stall, whether the produce is fruit & veg, meat & dairy, eggs & honey, preserves & condiments or other homemade consumables, farmtuckerTM supports local food producers through increased awareness and accessibility by facilitating the sale of truly fresh flavoursome food directly to consumers.

The demand for fresh healthy affordable food is growing rapidly and agritourism is becoming an increasingly important sector for the economy. farmtuckerTM provides the opportunity for producers to benefit from this rising trend by making it easy for consumers, be they locals, tourists, travellers, restaurants, local stores, or local schools, to find 'farmgates' throughout Australia.