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Forage Farms

Forage Farms is located at Kybong in the beautiful Mary Valley. Certified by PROOF (Pasture Raised On Open Fields), our eggs and pork are raised on pasture. All our animals live permanently in the paddock. We use no chemicals on our land or our animals. Our animals play an important role in our land management. They are moved onto new ground each week, fertilizing our pastures as they go. Each animal (hens, pigs, sheep, cattle) play an important role in rebuilding the health of our soil and the food we produce.

Eggs: All year round
Pork: All year round
Vegetables: Seasonal
Lamb: Seasonal
Beef: Seasonal

GROW our produce sustainably and regeneratively ensuring that our chickens and pigs are the best around and have been grown in a free range + earthed out environment.

FORAGE our produce fresh from the paddock as it comes with nothing added but the pure goodness that comes naturally with only the best produce.

FEED our produce to the community so they can enjoy, along with us, the best pork and eggs around.

Produce Seasonal Availability
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec